1. What kinds of metal does Emerald Planet Recycle?
Emerald Planet Recycling recycles anything and everything metal, some of the things we accecpt are:
Catalytic Converters
Copper Wire, Piping, and Tubing
Lead products such as Fishing Weights and Batterys.

2. How does it work?
Call us, tell us what you have, and recieve a instant quote.
We will do our best to pick it up or meet in a location that works best for both the customer and us.
Cash/check paid on the spot.

3. What if I do not speak english?
Emerald Planet Recycling will do our best to communicate with you using our spanish speaking translator, or one of the numerous translator apps available on the market.

4. Will you collect my aluminium wheels or recycling?
The team of recycling at Emerald Planet Recycling collects aluminium above a certain weight that has to qualify for collection. Please contact us to know more. Smaller amounts will have to be delievered.

5. Do you pay for aluminium wheels?
Yes, we do recycle aluminium wheels and pay for them fairly, If your wheels do happen to have junk tires on them, we will have to dock 2$ per junk tire we have to recycle.

6. Does my catalytic converter contain precious metals?
It is very rare that a catalytic converter will not have precious metals, because they are generally made out of palladium and platinum which are known to be lofty. We recycle all worn catalytic converters offering you the best prices!

7. Will recycling harm the nature?
No, our team is motivated towards taking sustainable care of the environment, and all our techniques are aimed towards a healthier environment.

8. What are the benefits of recycling aluminium?
There are many benefits of aluminium recycling, it keeps it out of the ground and landfills, alumunum can be recycled over and over, its really a waste and tragedy when alumunum ends up in a landfil
Another benefit is money for your pocket! call today for a free estimate.

9. How much money will a catalytic converter bring?
depends on the converter, call anytime or send photos for a instant quote, one originally equipped on your vehicle are worth anywhere between 25$ to 500$
A catalytic converter consists of 3 to 7 grams of platinum

10. How is recycling catalytic converters helpful?
The catalytic converters are designed in a way that must be recycled so as to enable extraction of the minerals including rhodium, palladium and platinum. It is a very complicated and daunting process, requiring commercial industrial grade machinery.
Recycling catalytic converters keeps these precious metals above ground and not wasted and buried in landfills.