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We buy scrap catalytic converters nationwide, provide current prices, quick quotes, shipping instructions, and easy payments.

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We buy scrap Car Battery & Wheels nationwide, provide current prices, quick quotes, shipping instructions, and easy payments.

Catalytic Converts

Recycling Dealer

Emerald Planet Recycling is a reputable company that thrives upon offering disposal services of car waste. Our mission is to ensure that our planet gets greener and healthier. We also make sure that our disposal services prevent landfills from getting piled up. The reason behind the existence of life is our planet, so we ensure that by offering our services we are taking a step forward to diminish the greenhouse effect. If people and companies do not stop dumping garbage in landfills, then those days are not far when seeing a landfill will become a common sight. This will eventually lead to the worst-case scenario. Support us by hiring our services and we will make sure that you get complaint-free services within your budget. Call us right away!

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Promote sustainable development not just for the well-being of the upcoming generation but for all living beings. Go Green with us


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Car Batteries

If your vehicle’s electric battery is not functioning properly, then why not sell it and get some quick cash. Rather than throwing it away, come to us and we will buy it. Whether you want to sell it in bulk or an individual battery, we accept both. This makes us different from rest of the companies that offer recycling service.

Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels showcase improved balancing traits and also save fuel. Apart from that, aluminum wheels also enable better handling, unsurpassable compatibility with the tubeless tires. If your vehicle’s aluminum wheels are damaged or old and you do not want to keep them, then come to us. We salvage them by using eco-friendly ways. During the whole recycling process, we make sure not to harm Mother Nature. Our ways are unique and environment-friendly.

Catalytic Converter

Salvaging of your damaged catalytic converters is imperative to save the ecosystem from getting disrupted. Get in touch with us, and save the ecosystem and your vehicle finally without any fail. Your catalytic converters comprise valuable metals such as- palladium and platinum, and the harmful gases that need to manage by the experts. So, bring them here and save this planet!

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