Why are aluminium wheels better than steel wheels?

Wheels are basically meant to the most important products when you talk about the automobiles and most importantly light alloy wheels like that of the aluminium ones. From positive performance to the smoothness, they perform the best by providing driving comfort and look good on the roads. Aluminium wheels have better balancing features, followed by fuel saving power being lighter as compared to the other sheet metal wheels. Apart from that, aluminium wheels also allow the enhancement of handling, excellent compatibility with the tubeless tires and also has vivid model ranges as compared to other wheel options. On the other...

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What are electric car batteries?

The electric car batteries can be known as the alternative power sources that are used in a car to store the electricity that is further utilized to power the motor, thus moving the car. The types of batteries vary for each car you run and the most popular of them is the lithium-ion which is considered to be the most efficient. There are many uses of car batteries as any automobile requires a car battery which allows it to filter, recharge, stabilize, get in motion, electrical lighting and so on.  The function of the car battery is really gradual, for...

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How important is the recycling of catalytic converters?

All the vehicles that are modern have catalytic converters. The catalytic converters are basically known as the cat which works as a principle component of the exhaust system, thus converting the harmful pollutants into harmless emissions. You generally never get to know about them in details, for they are always present in your vehicles. But when they fail to function perfectly, you will start smelling a rat! What do catalytic converters do? Every vehicle has a catalytic converter on the underside of the vehicle that allows all the harmful emission of a vehicle get exerted after getting cleaned. They are...

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